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Vetted VA is dedicated to training Veterans, Active Duty Servicemembers, and all professionals who serve them to get the most out of the VA Home Loan. The VA Home Loan is a powerful tool and can be used in many ways. Vetted VA wants to ensure that all VA Eligible Home Loan borrowers have the tools they need. Not ready to become a Vetted VA Active Duty member but want some solid VA loan training? Purchase our Reservist Training content instead!

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We provide additional training but it requires a conversation first. From Active Duty Registration to custom company bundles and training these are just a few of the other courses you can get access to with Vetted VA. If you're interested in more just email [email protected] and let us know what you would like to know.


How Training Helped One LO Enhance His Service to the Community - Byron Thomas

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We have a variety of training courses for all Real Estate, Mortgage Professionals, and Veterans. Over 27 HOURS of content! If you're a RE or LO the easiest way is the dedicated way - Active Duty Membership. See a sample of all of our courses below.

Meet Shonita Wade

Meet Shonita, Your Veteran Experienced Education Manager: Guiding You Through Our Engaging Classes. Our learning approach combines interactive video tutorials, comprehensive written guides, and retention-boosting quizzes, all designed to suit your learning style. If you enjoy streaming videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, you'll find our courses intuitive and engaging.

Curious About the Vetted VA Process?

Active Duty Training is the Key to Service

Vetting is a consistent and continuous process. If you're a professional who desires to know more, do more, and serve more - then you're ready for the next step. Email [email protected] that you're interested in pursuing the Vetted VA Professional Program and check out our website to learn more today!

Vetted VA Training Team

Shonita Wade

Veteran Education Manager, USAF Veteran

Shonita “Nita” Wade is a retired Air Force Veteran of twenty years, Veterans’ advocate, and Education and Training programs expert with sixteen years of experience in Instructional Design, Training Program Management, and Business Operations in both Department of Defense and Government Contract organizations. She is a true professional with a proven record of dedicated service to our country and experience in various mission development programs. She holds an MBA in Project Management from the University of Arkansas, a Bachelor’s in Organizational Management from the University of Arizona Global Campus, and additional certifications in project management, human resources, and instructional and graphic design. She is dedicated to her family, a servant of the Veteran community, and believes in leading with integrity, educating with empathy, and training with trust.

Nicole Hoem

Mortgage Education Manager

Nicole is a business professional and educator with 30 years in residential finance and real estate development sectors. As a life-long learner, Nicole has accumulated extensive knowledge and developed in-demand skills in her field. As a Contract Trainer & Instructional Designer, she shares her knowledge and skills through a variety of channels to reach a wide audience in need of advanced training resources. Working independently, Nicole provides a full spectrum of education resources throughout the country. Nicole’s extensive experience in the mortgage industry allows her special insight into the needs of leadership as well as lower-level employees and their clients. By pairing this invaluable experience with her passion for design and striking attention to detail, she creates unique training content and assists her clients in coordinating strategies to meet learning objectives. Nicole holds an MBA from Colorado State University and certification in Adult Education in the Workplace as well as notable education and experience in resource development and corporate strategy.

Nathan Knottingham


Nathan Knottingham is a speaker and consultant, a business builder, and a seasoned entrepreneur. Nathan’s passion for good education and protection for consumers is apparent in all he does. He’s committed to helping businesses and individuals grow through targeted content strategies and marketing automation, but he is an extrovert at heart who loves to connect with people and build community through creating genuine relationships. Before graduating with his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Corban University, Nathan had already dove headfirst into the real estate industry as a loan officer. After completing college, he continued to set out on an ambitious adventure where he educated himself in every aspect of making a successful real estate transaction happen. Over the course of Nathan’s career, he has fulfilled the role of a leader in many different ways. From being the President of McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce to Vice President of Training and Development at Knowledge Coop, Nathan has mentored and supported people to help them see the potential in themselves and others to accomplish great things. He’s dedicated to helping people get real about what it means to live their life on purpose and striving toward the things that matter most. When Nathan isn’t found serving his community, he is spending time with his wife and two children. He is a loving husband and father who enjoys reading, playing music, and woodworking.

Here is what our professionals and partners have to say...

“I love the bonus entitlement section. Most realtors won’t know this and depending on the types of clients they work with, they may never be asked. However, I also don't want to be like most realtors, I don't want to tell a client, to go ask your lender. If my client came to me after receiving the wrong answer, I also want to know that it’s wrong so the client doesn’t make a bad decision. When a potential client asks you, "Can I buy a second home in Texas" I love knowing that I can answer that beyond the other 10+ default answers like, go ask your lender, DM me and I can do it for you, etc. Being able to explain it, give an example or even solve their question over a forum is a huge win for them and you. Add in the ability to discuss one-time restoration, how it works, and the pros and cons of both is a huge advantage.”

Jason Rivera, Keller Williams Realtor DRA 02055758

“All of the Basic Movements training modules add value. Well timed, and Shonita is an excellent trainer. Tiny bits of info needs updating but overall great content! ”

Amie Dusa, Senior Mortgage Advisor & Owner at Educated Investors Finance Corporation NMLS 1838160

“It's great training! Shonita does such a great job!!! I'm sending my certificate over to EPM now 🙂 🙂 Gonna get on these VA Reno loans!”

Jessica Wells, Broker/Owner at Clear Choice Mortgage, LLC NMLS 1305464

“First of all, GREAT JOB! I absolutely love the format and the flow of the training. ”

Laura Brandao, Mortgage Industry Leader, Chief Growth Officer and partner at EPM

“I found the Restoration & COE Breakdown and the Multi VA Loans courses most impactful. I have much better knowledge in those categories now.”

Melissa Schilling Ashcraft, Realtor at Texas Luxe Real Estate

“I came to leadership looking for education so that I could be better for my clients. The time, energy and resources put in to making these tests GREAT does not go unnoticed. Thank you for challenging us each and every day! ”

Thomas Sloan, Certified Mortgage Advisor, Go Rascal Inc. NMLS 1629628

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